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Is it time to replace your roof? Reach out to Pike Barker Roofing today. We offer top-notch roof replacement services in Cary, NC and the surrounding area. Whether a storm damaged your roof or you’re proactively replacing your aging roof, you can depend on Pike Barker Roofing to do the job right. We’ll make sure your home has a well-built roof as quickly as possible.

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3 signs you need to replace your roof

3 signs you need to replace your roof

Concerned about your roof? Don’t risk it when it comes to your home. Call Pike Barker Roofing today. We provide unbeatable roof replacement services throughout the Cary, NC area. You should replace your roof if:

  1. Your shingles are curling or falling off your roof
  2. Water is pooling on your roof
  3. Your roof is more than 20 years old

If your roof is not replaced, any of these issues could lead to significant property damage and costly repairs. Don’t wait until it’s too late to replace your roof. Contact Pike Barker Roofing today to get started.